How To Practice A Centering Meditation To Overcome Overwhelm

centering meditation

Yesterday my head spun off, whirling away in a maelstrom of mental exhaustion and overwhelm.

It had had enough of my internal angst, so it disengaged and rolled into the corner in protest.

It’s now patiently waiting for me to place it back on my shoulders and treat it more kindly.

Give it some breathing room.

Stop tormenting it.

Of course, my head is still attached, but it certainly felt like it was spinning off.

It felt like all of the coils and springs had popped out like a cartoon character who has finally reached the end of its tether.

After a stressful weekend driving through a snowstorm, dealing with some family drama, and replaying my worries and frustrations over and over in my mind, my mental state was scattered and frazzled, to say the least.

Do you ever feel this way?

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