13 Of The Best Meditation Chairs For A More Comfortable Practice

Finally, after thousands of years of meditation practices in India, China, and Japan, Western civilization is tuning out in order to tune in.

Meditation and mindfulness practices are becoming more and more mainstream, with over 18 million adults and nearly a million children engaging in meditation in the United States alone according to research.

Various religions and recent Western medical studies affirm that meditation increases the quality of life by reducing anxiety, lowering high blood pressure, reducing chronic back pain, and bringing cholesterol levels back in line.

Ancient traditions suggest that if you meditate regularly, you can integrate the body and the mind with your spirit or soul.

But sitting on a floor mat can be a back-breaking lesson in achieving Nirvana.

Ask any meditator, and you’ll hear a story about mid-meditation back spasms and burning pain.

It’s much easier to reach a state of equanimity and balance when your body is comfortable, and for many meditators, the most comfortable way to practice is by sitting or kneeling on a meditation chair.

A meditation chair is an essential meditation tool for the people who are reaching Baby Boomer status or for those who need more back support.

If you have a minor injury or just don’t like sitting on the floor on a meditation cushion, you need to consider a meditation chair.

There is a wide range of meditation chairs, and not all of them fit the people who want to use them.

That’s why it’s important to do the research and check different meditation chair designs and the materials that make them meditation-worthy.

We did a little research for you, so you don’t get caught in meditation chair-choosing agony.

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